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We are the Collins Family. Whether we are going through a typical homeschool day with our five kids or having friends and family over for a meal, life happens in the kitchen.
Our story really begins in 1997 when our first daughter was an infant with colic. A combination of insightful comments from family helped us discover that she was sensitive to dairy products. I removed all dairy from my diet and she became a very happy and content baby.
Now I had to learn a new way to eat, but it was worth it. I was put to the test again when our son, just days old began having problems with dairy and eggs. I felt like my commitment to real, wholesome foods was often set aside as I desperately searched for options. So many foods I depended on were off limits. Beyond my immediate frustrations, I knew I had to find solutions for my children. I never wanted them to feel like they were missing out. I put all of my creativity and problem solving to work and discovered fundamentals about food that I’d never had to think of before.

When our third child was a toddler with no food issues, friends introduced us to the Weston A. Price Foundation. It challenged how we were thinking about and treating our food. We learned about sprouting, lacto-fermented foods, and preparing foods using traditional forgotten wisdom. Eating real, whole food took on a whole new light. Nutrition became the mission.

Can I make every bite count when it comes to nourishing my family? Can pancakes be nutritious? Do snacks have to be a nutrition void? Or can I create foods that nourish the body and please the palate? Because if it doesn’t taste good what’s the point.
My biggest challenge came when our son Joshua showed signs of multiple food sensitivities. CollinsFamily02Dairy, gluten, nuts, chocolate! Even with all that I had learned, I felt overwhelmed with feeding myself and him on such a restricted diet. In 2008 there weren’t many products that met these restrictions, never mind tasting good and being nutritious. So I cried, prayed, and went to work learning and experimenting. My mission was the same, just with new guidelines and care.

Changing the way we eat can be confusing and overwhelming. When the food we are eating is making us sick, the process is even more stressful. There is hope. Tiffany’s Kitchen was started so we could share our family’s solutions with you and help you on your journey to be well, and live deliciously!

Tiffany Collins
Tiffany’s Kitchen

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