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Soy, what’s the big deal?

Soy – What’s the big deal? First the health industry tells us that soy is the answer to all our health problems. Now they’re divided, some saying soy is bad for you, while others continue to use it and promote it. What’s the truth about soy and how it affects our bodies?

Food Sensitivities…A Gut Reaction!

What are food sensitivities and how are they different from allergies? Allergies create a histamine reaction that leads to symptoms like itchy eyes, throat, or skin, trouble breathing, rash, etc. Food sensitivities or intolerance can be more difficult to recognize because the symptoms aren’t isolated to digestion.

The Sweetener Situation…Let’s Talk About Sugar!

There is so much controversy over which sweeteners are best. Some people are calorie counting, others are watching their glycemic index, but what about those of us that just want to make the healthiest choice we can while still enjoying a treat now and then? My choices come down to 3 criteria…

Breaking it Down Grain by Grain

What the heck is gluten anyway? Well, gluten is a combination of two proteins that are found in some grains. The good news is that there are more grains that do not contain gluten than those that do.