Chocolate Chip Scones



Looking for a delicious & nutritious option to enjoy with a cup of coffee? Add strawberries and cream for fun strawberry chocolate chip shortcakes. Or maybe simply for a yummy treat after a meal or on your break at work. Our sprouted gluten-free chocolate chip scones are moist and delicious!

With the superior nutrition of our sprouted gluten-free flour and oats, and minimal sugar added (only 1/3 cup of unrefined evaporated cane juice for per batch of 8 scones)…you can enjoy these delicious scones guilt free! And they are VEGAN too!
Pick up a package of chocolate chip scones today!

All of Tiffany’s Kitchen products are dairy, soy & nut free (note: Our chocolate chips contain a small amount of soy lecithin)
Using sprouted oats and flour provides superior nutrition for your body and are easier to digest. The very best ingredients so you can Live Deliciously!

Each package contains 6 scones.


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